Portfolio: Rise To The Sky – “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart” 2020 (Death Doom)

Album and press released in 2020

Rise To The Sky
Atmospheric Death Doom from Chile

Death Will Not Keep Us Apart
Released independently
October 9th, 2020


Rise To The Sky is a solo death doom project that borders on the funeral side of things. After making releases for a couple of years Rise To The Sky cements their style and aesthetic with this new album Death Will Not Keep Us Apart. Between the compositions, sound and album artwork, this is very far from a run of the mill made in a bedroom kind of solo project. It’s miles ahead in quality and preparedness. Enjoy the story telling and longform doom atmosphere with this brand new LP.

“In a post-apocalyptic world, not long away from now, a couple run away from death, which takes the form of many creatures wandering this devastated world. They run around to many places, trying to avoid death, until they find a high cliff where they would be safe.

Unfortunately, only he can make it up, while she is not able to climb up, facing certain death in the open land below the cliff.

Upon this dilemma, he looks down the cliff towards his beloved one, and chooses to descend only to face death along her, hoping for eternal life together after they die.

This was my dream and it is the inspiration for the album you are about to hear.”



The album was produced along music producer Filippos Koliopanos (Ocean of Grief), who crafted a powerful yet profoundly emotional sound. The cover artwork and booklet were done by design artist Gogo Melone, who translated the music and album concepts into a genuine piece of art. 


Metal Temple: 9/10 Score “With “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart,” RISE TO THE SKY have created a very impactful and emotional doom metal album that cannot be missed.” www.metal-temple.com/site/catalogues/entry/reviews/cd_3/r_2/rise-to-the-sky-death.htm

Angry Metal Guy: 3.5/5 Score “every listen gives me a slightly different impression of the album. I’d notice something new and experience feelings with more or less intensity on any given listen. But I’ve enjoyed every spin and can happily recommend Death Will Not Keep Us Apart to fans of doom metal everywhere. It demonstrates huge potential and big emotion, which is what you absolutely want to hear on your doom metal.” Yellow – www.angrymetalguy.com/rise-to-the-sky-death-will-not-keep-us-apart/

Breaking Necks Metal Blog : 4/5 score “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart is a 4 out of 5 broken necks. Almost nearly perfect. The weight of each song is neck breaking. It is also soul crushing. It’s a unique look at the most painful emotions we can experience. That is almost hopeful.”

Broken Tomb Magazine: 9/10 Score “La instrumentalización es impecable, muy bien lograda, cuenta con guitarras como el elemento más sobresaliente, pesada, cargada y distorsionada, batería, muy lenta, ya que el ritmo es absolutamente lento (desalentadora y desesperantemente lento)” www.brokentombmagazine.com/2020/09/09/critica-rise-to-the-sky-death-will-not-keep-us-apart-2020/

Games, Brains & Headbanging Life: 9/10 Score “Echoing, monolithic slabs of heaviness, the nine offerings here are the weight of a dying world on shoulders. The sound of death on a chilling wind that blows across acres of bleached white skulls and bones”

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I am currently working with Sergio for the third time, each work being more well received than the last. A rising star in the underground doom metal scene.

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