Portfolio: Rise to The Sky – “A Cold Embrace From Life” 2020 (Death Doom)

Album and press released in 2020

Rise To The Sky
Atmospheric Death Doom from Chile

A Cold Embrace From Life EP
Released independently
December 12th, 2020

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Rise The Sky is the solo project of Chilean musician Sergio G who has wasted no time this year and is back already with follow up the critically acclaimed October LP “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart”. The heart of this new EP, “A Cold Embrace From Life” is an atmospheric death doom experience that trudges through the emotions of grief and a stinging lack of closure. It embraces the signature sound of the band while also exhibiting various improvements over previous releases. Sergio says of the album:

“Occasionally, there are moments when life crushes you, and leaves you longing to change things, dreams of improving the past. But the past is gone, so you let in that harsh coldness, that cold embrace from life.” 

This EP was released for free via Bandcamp as a thank you to fans for the strong support of “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart”. Many Bandcamp codes were given away for listening parties prior to the release.

full album premiere at 666MrDoom

About Rise to the Sky:
Rise to the Sky is a one-man doom metal band from Santiago, Chile.  This project was launched in December 2019, with the album Moonlight, which was an experimental rollercoaster, the songs from that album have different atmospheres and a lot of sudden changes, or plain screaming in some parts.  In June 2020, the band released the EP “In the Grave of a Forgotten Soul”, which reflects the current Atmospheric Doom Metal sound of Rise to the Sky.  A second album “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart” was released on October 9, 2020 through the Russian label GS Productions.

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