Hire Black Lodge PR

Black Lodge Promotions is a young and affordable PR service for a variety of heavy bands started in 2019. I will give you straight forward advice on your approach and plan.

Here’s an overview of some of my services. If you’d like a consultation or to request press kit examples, email blacklodgepromotions@gmail.com. COMMENCE 8 – 12 weeks prior to release date for best results.

Bio/Press Writing + Self Promotion consultation – Cost: 100USD

Campaign for one release: – Cost: 300USD

A campaign includes: planning of single premieres, bio and press writing, emailing my industry network for reviews, airplay and other forms of coverage and as much advice regarding social media and Bandcamp as you need. I send a lot of personalised emails with bandcamp codes to VIP contacts, send email templates to the rest and submit your album to all the sites that use contact forms instead of email. I am also available for consultations and via email for any questions during campaigns.

Bands I’m currently working with:

Rise To The Sky (Death doom)
Vanta (Stoner)
Aeons Abyss (Death thrash)
Bog Wizard (Stoner)

Previous clients:

White Crone (Trad metal)
Eternal Rest (Death Metal)
L’homme Absurde (Post black metalcore)
Smyčka (Post Metal)
Xeno Ooze (Grind)
Thorn (Death Doom)
Old Bones (Stoner)
Extinction (Slam)
Molog (Black metal)
Sylent Storm (Trad metal)

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