Portfolio: Rise to The Sky – “A Cold Embrace From Life” 2020 (Death Doom)

Rise The Sky is the solo project of Chilean musician Sergio G who has wasted no time this year and is back already with follow up the critically acclaimed October LP “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart”. The heart of this new EP, “A Cold Embrace From Life” is an atmospheric death doom experience that trudges through the emotions of grief and a stinging lack of closure. It embraces the signature sound of the band while also exhibiting various improvements over previous releases. Sergio says of the album:

Portfolio: Rise To The Sky – “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart” 2020 (Death Doom)

Rise To The Sky is a solo death doom project that borders on the funeral side of things. After making releases for a couple of years Rise To The Sky cements their style and aesthetic with this new album Death Will Not Keep Us Apart. Between the compositions, sound and album artwork, this is very far from a run of the mill made in a bedroom kind of solo project. It’s miles ahead in quality and preparedness. Enjoy the story telling and longform doom atmosphere with this brand new LP.

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