Portfolio: Rise To The Sky – Let Me Drown With You

The first campaign of 2021 and one of the most successful to date. Not long after release day Rise To The Sky broke beyond the 1k monthly listener’s mark, sold all of the available CDs and got an overwhelming amount of reviews!

Album and promo released in 2021

Rise To The Sky
Atmospheric Death doom

Let Me Drown With You LP
Released March 12th, 2021

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About the album:  Rise to the Sky releases its second album with Russian doom label GS Productions after the critically acclaimed LP “Death Will Not Keep Us Apart”.  Conceived in a time of fear and isolation,  this album conveys deep reflections about life and death.  Sergio, sole member of the Atmospheric/Death Doom band from Santiago, Chile says of the album:

“This album is released in loving memory of my father, who passed away suddenly on Jan 6, 2021. He was passionate about the people he loved and about everything he did, this music is a clear reflection of our way of life. By far this is the most sincere and expressive album by Rise to the Sky,  it displays a more developed and mature sound than the previous releases, so expect strong emotions”.

All reviews, interviews and airplay are greatly appreciated by both Black Lodge Promotions and Rise to The Sky. We’re looking forward to reading and sharing your coverage.

Music and Lyrics by Rise to the Sky
Production, drum composition, mixing and mastering by Filippos Koliopanos
Artwork and Layout by Gogo Melone
Special participation by Andreia Alves in: “Let Me Drown with You”.
Recorded in Sergio´s Castle. Santiago, Chile.


10/10 Score: “this album is stunning. Spelling-binding, heartfelt, emotive and crushingly heavy. Few bands are as good at making you feel as deeply as Rise to the Sky, but even fewer are as capable of making your neck ache at the same time.” Carl ‘The Disc’ Fisher – GBHBL

9.9/10 Score: “This record is majestic sorrow. A draining, yet great experience from start to finish. In my personal experience, loss can bring forth a torrent of emotions and ideas, but for musicians it can be an ordeal to put everything together to write music..” Alex Grindor – Metalbite

9/10 Score: “Sergio’s vocals continue to impress. He gets frighteningly deep on these songs, his voice coming from a physical place but also an intangible emotional anchor as well. The man himself said this album was made in trying times and dedicated to his father who passed away…..his pain, his longing can definitely not only be heard but felt” – Justin “Witty City” Wittenmeier – Metal Temple

“Rise to the Sky have crafted one of the year’s most essential albums if you have a need for poignant misery. ‘Let Me Drown With You’ is powerful, moving and excellently written. Superb.” Sandre the Giant – The Killchain Blog

3/5 Score “Make no mistake, this is a strong album for gloomy days, for times when you want to be crushed by sadness that moves faster than glaciers.” – Twelve – Angry Metal Guy

“What makes Let Me Drown With You so effective is the songwriting. Acoustic guitars and orchestral arrangements make each track an exquisite dirge. Solo contributor Sergio G has crafted a gripping, emotionally palpable atmosphere. You can’t help but be moved by this music.” Grant Skelton – Metal Injection

“the extremely personal factor of these nine lamentations truly allows “Let Me Drown With You” to become not just another addition in the growing scene that it finds itself in. Rather, it proves as an irrefutable fact that Rise to the Sky is slowly becoming a need-to-know name that can very well become the name to know when it comes to Chilean, or even South American as a whole, death/doom.” Vinterd – Head Banger Reviews

“I can comfortably say that this is one of the best death-doom albums I’ve heard in a very long time. It’s moody, and dense, and emotional, and remarkably intense”. Sleeping Village Reviews

“the sincerity of purpose that seems to drive Let Me Drown With You meets head on with the performative aspects of style, adding heft and impact to each moment of delivery, whether that particular moment is tonally ‘heavy’ or not.” JJ Koczan – The Obelisk

“The announced emotions are just as much on the album as the usual clear shouts, hard riffs and changes. Sergio expresses the gloomy mood of our time of fear and isolation as well as his grief for his beloved father.” Cardamonchai- Rock’n Roll Vegan cardamonchai.com/2021/03/rise-to-the-sky-let-me-drown-with-you/

3.5/5 Score “we have respect for the performance of Serio G., who embodies RISE TO THE SKY. He tries to capture the sound of silence, which vibrates quite loudly. We finally sanded up this sinking into the abyss.” Richard Koelldorfer – Stormbringer

“Sergio has a great Doom voice, deep and rasping but with just enough clarity of content, it balances superbly against the slow haunting melody that dominates the album.” Jools Green – Metal Talk

4.2/5 Score: “No cabe duda que Rise to The Sky, cumple y nos deja totalmente satisfechos con su música, los arreglos acústicos, las voces en teclado y los efectos ambientales que utiliza en los temas, lo que ayuda a estar en esa penumbra de sentimentalismo que te absorbe con sus sonidos” – Oscuro – Riff of Metal

7.5/10 Score “Buenas atmósferas con alta gama de momentos emotivos y profundos sentimientos que seguro complacen a aquellos inmersos en el género”. Clemente Escalona – Retumba

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