Portfolio: Aeons Abyss – “Impenitent” 2019 (Death Metal)

Album and press released in 2019

Aeons Abyss
Old School Death Metal from Brisbane, Australia

Impenitent LP
Released independently
November 1st, 2019

This is the debut release from Aeons Abyss who have since released a single and have a forthcoming album in 2021 with additional members for live performances. This duo are a rising star in the underground Australian death metal scene. Below is the press release for the debut, but I work on a lot of Aeons Abyss’ albums as they were my first client who got me into doing PR, so keep an eye out for the news in 2021.

 BandcampSpotify – FacebookInsta – Twitter

LP Is still available in Australia via the record store Lulu’s Melbourne
LP still available via Brilliant Emperor Records
Tapes still available via Bandcamp
CDs via Straight To The Core (Sold Out)

AEONS ABYSS are an Australian death metal studio project formed in 2017 to record music written in the early to mid 1990’s during the halcyon days of death metal. 

IMPENITENT is an eight-track LP by AEONS ABYSS representing their second studio production and is scheduled for worldwide release on 1 November 2019. It’s full of old school death metal with melodic riffs, blast beats, transcendent guitar solos and guttural vocals ranging over three octaves.  The music is elaborate with themes and variations while the lyrics are complex and explore prescient philosophical issues by way of extreme, genre-appropriate analogies.


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